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Introduction and Quality Management Policy

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A quality management system (QMS) is simply a set of policies and procedures aimed at maintaining a certain standard for something. Companies that produce products or services use it to ensure the same standard of quality across their operations. For example, a certain model of car is manufactured exactly the same whether made in a factory in South Africa or Germany. The factories have detailed procedures to be followed down the the finest detail for each step in making the car.

Managing the quality of products like cars is one thing but when it comes to education and training things start to get a bit trickier! Enforcing standard operating procedures can end up stifling creativity and responsiveness and adaptability – the very things that create quality in education in the first place! On the other extreme, it’s also possible to hold vague ideas about how good your education and training is without any evidence that it is actually achieving anything at all! 

QMS Vision, Mission and Values

The QMS will enable our organisation to make the most effective use of its human and physical resources to offer training of the highest possible quality in all our areas of operation.

All personnel in our organisation will abide by the policies and procedures as provided by the interactive online QMS in order to ensure not only an auditable trail of all training related activity but to enable the best possible adherence to the values of the organisation. The QMS provides many supportive tools to enable staff to effectively and efficiently carry out their tasks. 

The values and principles of our organisation include:

  • Belief in the value and dignity of all people, especially students, with whom our organisation interacts in the delivery of training;
  • A committment to using the most qualified staff, internal or external, for any training role including materials development, facilitation, assessment and moderation of training;
  • To effectively manage the delivery of training to be as cost effective and efficient as possible while not compromising on the quality or time required by students to complete their studies;
  • To provide students with all the learning resources that they require to effectively complete their training;
  • To be transparent and open with all stakeholders, including staff and students, at all times;
  • To keep up with developments and changes in the training sector including within bodies such as SAQA, the SETAs and QCTO;
  • To adhere to all the SETA requirements for accreditation in all areas of operation.
  • To continually review and revise the QMS and related tools and procedures as may be required from time to time. 

Goals and Vision

  • Help our learners achieve their full potential through quality education, training and recognition of prior learning
  • Work in partnership with our learners and learners and clients to enhance their respect and loyalty
  • Maintain beneficial supplier partnerships to ensure that our needs and expectations for training products and services are met.
  • Maintain a participatory work ethic, rely on the innate excellence of our staff and provide a training culture in which they excel.
  • Maintain a passion for continuous improvement and continuously improve processes and training related services.

Quality Management Policy Statement

It is the policy of our organisation to use the tools and procedures provided in this online QMS and LMS and to engage with the QMS in all actvities related to the development and delivery of training provided by our organisation. This QMS is designed to enable our organisation to offer the highest possible quality training to all students in the most cost-effective and sustainable manner. Staff also commit to using the evaluation tool provided for the ongoing review of the QMS thus enabling the QMS to continually grow and adapt as the organisation grows. 


Quality Management Representative

The quality managment representative for our organisation is Jonathon Wigley | Tel: 0728199524 | Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.