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There are a number of procedures to follow when facilitating an accredited course. Note that most of these procedures are to do with recording information and evaluation of what took place. To be appointed as a facilitator on a course in the first place means that your organisation has trust in your subject matter knowledge and experience and that you have a track record of good facilitation practice. The procedures for facilitation of courses are divided into three sections:

1. Preparing for facilitation

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Good preparation is the key to successful facilitation. Please complete the following activities and then submit the preparation checklist once you are prepared, at least one day before the start date of your course:

  • Obtain and read the Facilitator Manual for the course;
  • Prepare an itinerary for the contact tutorial;
  • Appoint additional facilitators (in-house) as required and if applicable, arrange guest speakers;
  • Make necessary arrangements for any field-trips if applicable;
  • Prepare your presentations and activities (including PPTs, flip-charts, activities and so on);
  • Prepare and make copies of any additional readings or hand-outs you intend to use that are not already in the course pack;
  • Check with the course administrator that the course pack and equipment has been prepared and will be ready on time;
  • Check with the course administrator that the venue, catering and lay-out arrangements have been made.

Preparation checklist

2. Administration during facilitation

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The lead facilitator is responsible for certain administrative procedures during the facilitation of an accredited course. These include:

  • To ensure that each present participant on the course signs the daily attendance register and to hand over the register to the course administrator at the end of the course;
  • To conduct the assessment meeting (more on this under assessment) and ensure learners sign the necessary assessment documentation and hand this over to the course administrator;
  • To record all dates and deadlines agreed on with learners regarding assessment deadlines, future contact tutorial dates and so on and pass these on to the course administrator for scheduling and setting up of automated email reminders in CiviCRM;
  • To ensure that each learner completes an online evaluation at the end of the course (printed evaluations are acceptable when no internet connection is available at the course venue and can be entered online by the course administrator at a later time).

    Please go on to the next step below and then submit the checklist that follows.

    Learner Evaluation

3. Ongoing Review and Evaluation

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It is important, during facilitation of a course, to continually obtain and respond to feedback from your learners. This allows you to be a responsive facilitator and therefore more readily meet the needs of your learners. A formal way to obtain feedback is to hold a daily review activity where learners have the opportunity to go through the previous day's activities and provide feedback on their learning experience. It is important to schedule time for this, half and hour is usually sufficient, on your course itinerary. In addition to the daily review by learners you must also:

  • Hold a daily review meeting with all the course facilitators to go through the itinerary and make any changes or adaptations that may be required in response to learners needs or other contextual issues that may arise;
  • Complete the online Facilitator Evaluation (to be completed by each facilitator who teaches on the course)

Admin Checklist and Facilitator Evaluation