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    Education & Training Accreditation

    All-in-one QMS and LMS

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    Fully Accredited Materials Writing

    Customised design and research in the green sector
    education and training field

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    Quality Management Through Quality Support

    The Institute for Quality in Occupational Training and Education (iQOTE)

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 Welcome to a World of Excellence!


Press Alert! iQOTE is working hard to release a new version of our online LMS and QMS Platform. The new version will be launched in July 2016. We're taking it to a new level - watch this space!


Are you considering becoming an accredited training provider? Why not join a growing community of training providers committed to excellence? It could be the best move you make.


iQOTE will take you through the SETA accreditation process with our unique QMS and LMS platform that is guaranteed to get you through the quality assurance hoops. You also get your own customised and easy to manage training website. 


Get your training accredited today!


iQOTE. You get it all!


  • QMS
  • Website
  • LMS
  • E-Learning

Become a SETA Accredited Provider

Our system will save you time and money:


  • Professional and user-friendly.
  • Automated administrative system.
  • Your education and training delivery will improve.
  • We deliver - quality assured! 


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iQOTE is certified level 4 B-BBEE  Chip tracking


Quality Management System

A supportive and easy to use QMS. Education and training made easy!

Learning Management System

Keep track of individual learners. Automated communications. Create reports on learner groups.

E-learning Platform

Both contact and distance learning made easier with online learning support.

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